Jun 12, 2011

Thanks Ivan !

How many of you have someone telling you this :

"When you feel unhappy, you must think of us. Look at our pictures, think of your family. We love you."

Ivan said that to me. Left me speechless and feeling deeply touched. I could only hug him tightly and do as what he says whenever I'm down. Think of my sweet family. sniff sniff


X-file details :
There were incidences of water pressure runs low in the house and at certain part of the house where water source comes in direct from main pipe, we don't get any water supply at all. In short, we have experienced many times of water shortage at home. We blamed it on unplanned water maintenance works,  low water pressure at our area and also on dirty outdoor water filter (it could be so clogged up till little water flows into the house)

You may asked whether we have checked with our neighbours. We did. We checked with the neighbour on the left hand side. They have water pump installed and advised us to do the same. I don't remember whether we have checked with other neighbours, but don't think we did. It was small matter, even though annoying.

The Notion :
Jef had a notion that this could be due to the main water tap's valve. It could be shut-off by some itchy hands passer-bys. He went out to check out and his notion was right. It was shut-off. Cursing under his breath, he turned it back on and we thought that the problem's solved.

Then something happened and we thought we found the root cause. The main tap's valve was faulty. Plumber was called in and problem resolved (or so we thought again).

The culprit :
Yeah, what happened? We came back from dinner that fateful night and we saw something really disturbing and puzzling. A large dark figure stood near our main water tap and immediately, Jef got down from the car and confronted him. He was caught red handed. Our the-other-side's neighbour was caught red handed with blushing cheeks !

Jef : What are you doing? That's mine (he was referring to the main tap)

Neighbour : No, it's mine.

Jef pointed at the other main tap : Yours is over there.

Neighbour : Oooohh .. I thought this is mine.

Water runs down and rocks surfaced up. (hahah ... a direct transalation from Cantonese saying that simply means 'The Truth')
Mr Neighbour has been turning off our main tap valve each time when he's away from home, thinking that it's his. Probably preventing the rats from taking shower while he is gone. The problem is, our main water tap is very near to our house and if that's really his, so, he has not wondered where's ours. Besides, we changed the main water tap's valve once (it was faulty) and hasn't he wondered why it's different now? *palm smack face*

What can I say? I have one interesting blur like sotong neighbour.

Apr 19, 2011


God of Warrior, Guan Yu

Shin Chan

God of Warrior and Shin Chan. What do we have in common? Hmm, we all have a pair of really really dark and thick brows.

*giggle* yes, I had my brows done up. Thanks to bluunis, I look like Guan Yu whenever I'm angry and I look like Shin Chan when I'm being silly. This is just so awesome.

Mar 19, 2011


I lose my cool with Ivan yesterday night. With a cane in my hand and top with a crazy mad woman look, I went after him to give him a good spanking. Over what? Over a lesson called 'Contentment'

I have come across some little children, be it someone you know or some strangers. They come to you and asked for the little toy you are holding or the sweet in your hand. Well, not that I'm stingy and wouldn't share but it's just something which I wouldn't want my boys to be doing. They should learn to be contented and not to ask around for stuffs. I wouldn't like my boys to stare at other children with lollies or ice-creams and I wouldn't want my boys to ask me for something; just because their friends have it and they want to have it too.

There are too much of toys at home, too much of stickers and too much of everything else. The boys need to be contented.

So, it happened to Ivan.

It took place in school. One of his friends brought the new twist-it-out colour pencils to school and he gave Ivan 4 colours. I have seen this in the bookshop and infact, I did ask Ivan whether he would like to have a box. He chose the crayons instead.

So, he brought home the 4 sticks of colours, a token from his friend. I gave him a good pep talk and convinced him to return the colours to his friend the next day. The next day came and the colours are still in his bag. His reason? He forgot. When I checked through the bag, to my horror, it was only 3 sticks instead of 4. Ivan explained that he gave the other one to another friend. I swear that Ivan could see my hair standing high up and my eyes were flaming red with fire at that time. Not only he took something from his friend, he even gave one away to another friend. Hey ! That's so not right !

And it was one of Ivan's darkest night. I whacked him and left a few lines on his legs and arms. While he was still sobbing, I explained to him why I was so mad with him.

Seriously, I'm always saying this. It's really easy to well, *ahem* make babies, not too difficult to carry them in the tummy for 40 weeks and also, not that painful to deliver them (I survived without epidural !). But, trust me, educating them is the toughest. Educating them to mold them into someone who would love their life, enjoy every bit of it and with a good heart. I would hope that someday, my boys would grow up and be contented with their life. Because, when you are not contented, you will never find happiness.

Mar 16, 2011

Ivan's First

"Mom, I'm going to tell you something but don't tell Daddy, ok?"

"Okay ... what's that?"

"JiaHui asked to be my coco (brother). She wants to marry me"


"Wait a minute. JiaHui is a boy or a girl?"

"It's a girl !!!!"

"Okaaaaayyyy .... if she's a girl, why would she wants to be your coco? And she wants to marry you?"

"Yahh !!!! She wants to marry me when I'm big ! She says I'm handsome"

ROFL !!!!!!!!!!!! This is too funny, what till I tell Jef. Opppss, I'm not supposed to tell??? Oh dear, so difficult to keep a juicy secret like this. So, eventually I told. I warned Jef not to laugh at him and try to take him seriously. :P

So, who's this little daughter in law of mine? Lol

Mar 15, 2011


My mom's such an extrovert.

Brought my mom to the hospital a couple of weeks ago as she was unwell. A Chinese nurse attended to my mom and during the 20 mins procedural tests and checks, the nurse is already an old family friend.

The conversation below is in Mandarin. Translated to English for convenience sake
"My son-in-law is not free. I called him just now but he was in a meeting."

"Both he and my youngest daughter are very busy but my son-in-law contacted my youngest daughter because he was worried about me."

"There, the one sitting outside is my youngest daughter. She works in a new company now, cannot take leave. I help her take care of her boys. My grandson is unwell, cough. Must be the weather."

"I also cough. *sigh*, old people like that one lor"

"Just last few weeks ago, my eldest daughter brought me to Cheras for checkup. Check blood, check urine. But, no report yet."

"My eldest daughter works in bank. The doctors in Cheras hospital is also quite good. But very far. Don't want to trouble her. She's also very busy working"

"I have sons too. Also very busy. Sometimes, old people shouldn't trouble them. They have their own life"

blah blah blah blah ..

So, in just a short 20 minutes time, the nurse became an old family friend. She can already draw the family tree out of the conversation she had with my mom.During my schooling days, I had to think twice about bringing friends back home. Else, my deepest darkest secrets would then be openly brought up as topic-of-the-day.

But this is not the worst thing. One thing is for sure. An extrovert who blogs is 100 times more dangerous than one who doesn't. Look at what I have done ! I retold the story to be read by so many others ! *wicked grin*

I'm such an extrovert.

Mar 1, 2011

Ciggy vs Dinner

Left my cash in the shorts I wore during the weekends and I went to work with minimal cash in purse. So I thought that I could still withdraw some cash from the ATM machine until I realised that the ATM card is in the same pocket.

This happens to me quite regularly, especially on Mondays. I have only approximately RM30 in my purse at work. Spent RM20 during lunch and I'm left with RM12. Jef called me on my way home and he asked me to help him pack some dinner back. A simple hawker's dinner meal's still within my limited budget and I agreed to help. A couple of minutes later, he called back and asked help to get ciggies for him. Oh no, ciggies + dinner = more than RM12. So, I gave him the ultimate decision to make. Ciggy or Dinner. He could only choose one. He thought about it for 3 seconds and he chose ... (I'm sure it wouldn't take a 3 years old to figure this out)

It's really not easy being a wife these days. If there's a wife advert, you will probably find one main requirement which is - Ability to play multiple roles.

Don't get the dirty idea. (I know what you are thinking about)

A wife must be a police traffic.
How? She must be able to tell traffic condition at all times.
When? On the way to somewhere, Jef asked, "Do you think it would be jam there later?"

A wife must be a parking attendant
How? She must be able to tell parking conditions anywhere
When? In a shopping mall, Jef asked, "Should I park at valet parking or should I go into parking lots, ah? Do you think there's any spots for me?"

A wife must be a weather woman or even a meteorologist !
How? She must be able to predict the weather
When? Jef would ask whenever he wants to, "Hey, going to rain?"

So, you see. It's really not easy being a wife these days. And how do I fit? Perfectly. For not being able to answer any of his questions and still look knowlegeable. To him, I'm putting on the "My-God,-like-that-also don't-know-ahh-face" and it works like magic all the time.

P/S: Incase you are still wondering, he chose ciggy.