Mar 16, 2011

Ivan's First

"Mom, I'm going to tell you something but don't tell Daddy, ok?"

"Okay ... what's that?"

"JiaHui asked to be my coco (brother). She wants to marry me"


"Wait a minute. JiaHui is a boy or a girl?"

"It's a girl !!!!"

"Okaaaaayyyy .... if she's a girl, why would she wants to be your coco? And she wants to marry you?"

"Yahh !!!! She wants to marry me when I'm big ! She says I'm handsome"

ROFL !!!!!!!!!!!! This is too funny, what till I tell Jef. Opppss, I'm not supposed to tell??? Oh dear, so difficult to keep a juicy secret like this. So, eventually I told. I warned Jef not to laugh at him and try to take him seriously. :P

So, who's this little daughter in law of mine? Lol

1 comment:

Lil' Dahling said...

you better go look see look see at the school and find out which one. if she's not cute then ask ivan to stay away from her. LOL. kidding.