Mar 15, 2011


My mom's such an extrovert.

Brought my mom to the hospital a couple of weeks ago as she was unwell. A Chinese nurse attended to my mom and during the 20 mins procedural tests and checks, the nurse is already an old family friend.

The conversation below is in Mandarin. Translated to English for convenience sake
"My son-in-law is not free. I called him just now but he was in a meeting."

"Both he and my youngest daughter are very busy but my son-in-law contacted my youngest daughter because he was worried about me."

"There, the one sitting outside is my youngest daughter. She works in a new company now, cannot take leave. I help her take care of her boys. My grandson is unwell, cough. Must be the weather."

"I also cough. *sigh*, old people like that one lor"

"Just last few weeks ago, my eldest daughter brought me to Cheras for checkup. Check blood, check urine. But, no report yet."

"My eldest daughter works in bank. The doctors in Cheras hospital is also quite good. But very far. Don't want to trouble her. She's also very busy working"

"I have sons too. Also very busy. Sometimes, old people shouldn't trouble them. They have their own life"

blah blah blah blah ..

So, in just a short 20 minutes time, the nurse became an old family friend. She can already draw the family tree out of the conversation she had with my mom.During my schooling days, I had to think twice about bringing friends back home. Else, my deepest darkest secrets would then be openly brought up as topic-of-the-day.

But this is not the worst thing. One thing is for sure. An extrovert who blogs is 100 times more dangerous than one who doesn't. Look at what I have done ! I retold the story to be read by so many others ! *wicked grin*

I'm such an extrovert.

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Lil' Dahling said...

LOL. you memang. :P but I terasa lar. means I'm an extrovert for having a blog too?